tyler im tyler im tyler im tyler 

 transman unlabeled, 15, he/him

 I like genshin impact and that's really about it. 

No, I don't care if you're a dsmp fan get out get the fuck out I don't care dont interact with me please, this really applies to anybody else that fits the basic dni list. and I mean you're on thin ice with.


I REALLY FUCKING HATE vampires or like a discomfort so tag that please, anything including bone-breaking too I'm not okay with.

my dms are open but I'm not fast to reply to people I'm not familiar with

I block often, sorry in advance if I block you out of nowhere

friends. true winning #winning :

fire, [       kiss     kiss    kiss    kiss    kiss    kiss    kiss          ]

jay, you are based

subway eat shit groupchat people true true true

ted and hopper, (based ted asf)im sorry hopper im so sorry im os IM SORRY IM SORRY IM SORYR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ash or jesper, based mob fan i think

miguel, "im awesomeB)"

bonnie, 13th reason